Cover Reveal: The Brumal Star

I’m very excited to present the cover of The Brumal Star!



Ex-sorcerer Jamison Undrand was betrayed and exiled by his own magical council. He’s lost everything that ever meant anything to him: his wife, his magic, and his home. Now he’s trying to piece his shattered life back together while he’s holed up on a farm as a goat herder. If only there was a way for him to recover his powers and not be doomed to spend the rest of his days as an outcast…

Fourteen-year-old delinquent Lorica Warde has a chip on her shoulder. After her mother’s death, her father remarried and started a brand-new family like nothing happened. Then she got kicked out of school for assaulting a teacher. Now her father plans to send her to a religious order for troublemaking girls. If only there was a way for Lorica to communicate with her mother and avoid a cloistered life of fasting and penance with a bunch of gossipy prudes, where she’d never see her friends again…

At the heart of a cave in the wilderness is the Brumal Star, an ancient crystal rumored to grant favors to those it deems worthy. Lorica and Jamison become unlikely allies when they reluctantly travel together in search of the crystal to change their destinies. But every step brings them closer to danger in the form of a vengeful enemy from Jamison’s past.

A million thanks to Renee Barratt of The Cover Counts for all her help. The manuscript is currently being formatted and the book will be available on Amazon with the next couple of weeks.


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