Interview With Scout

The fearless adventurer bat Scout Pipistrellus of The Brumal Star paid me a visit and granted me a interview.


Scout: (flies in through window and hangs upside down on the vertical blinds. There’s something poking out of his mouth, which turns out to be a large moth.)

T.Q.: Welcome, Scout!

Scout: THMMKKSSSHHHFFFFF…(swallows the rest of the moth) Thanks for having me. And for hosting me at night instead of during the day.

T.Q.: No problem. I know nighttime is when all the tasty bugs come out.

Scout: Yeah! You’ve got a feast flying around out there. Maybe I’ll stick around awhile.

T.Q.: That would be great, we have a lot of nasty mosquitoes.

Scout: Nasty? What are you talking about? Mosquitoes are delicious!

T.Q.: Then they’re all yours! Tell us what you’ve been up to lately.

Scout: Well you know, the usual: saving the world from insect overpopulation, meeting new friends, visiting new places.

T.Q.: Tell us about where you grew up.

Scout: I was raised in the province of Cailreth underneath a stone bridge. Can you imagine what it was like growing up in a giant colony of bats?  Hundreds of us all crammed in under there, squeaking and screeching. Hardly any privacy, I tell you!

T.Q.: Sounds like it gets loud.

Scout: Oh, it was chaos, but a good chaos. I’m a family bat, after all. Blood is thicker than mosquito swarms.

T.Q.: Do you still live there?

Scout: I’ve always been an independent sort of bat, until I met Skyler. And of course I lived with Lorica for a little while, after one of her brothers pegged me with a rock and broke my wing. But every once in a while I go see Mom and Pops and all seventy-nine of my brothers and sisters.

T.Q.: Seventy-nine?!

Scout: Yup. And some of their kids have kids and some of their kids have kids!

T.Q.: Holy smokes.

Scout: Holidays get very crowded. Everyone is calling each other by the wrong name all the time. When I was a youngster, there were times when my mother would be yelling for me but she’d call me by all my brothers’ and sisters’ names before she got to “Scout”.

T.Q.: I can imagine. Speaking of kids, how are thing going with your lady-love? Any bat-pups in your future?

Scout: (crossing wings) Hmph. I knew that’s where this was leading. Seems everyone loves a bit of gossip.

T.Q.: Nope, just curious! Anyways, I thought bats loved gossip.

Scout: You’re right, bats love to chatter. Well if you must know, Skyler is doing fine and there are babies on the horizon.

T.Q.: How exciting!

Scout: If we’re lucky, it’ll be twins. Usually bats only have one pup at a time but sometimes we have twins.

T.Q.: You’ll have your hands full, I’m sure.

Scout: You mean wings.

T.Q.: Wings, of course. But with all the other bats in the colony, how do you know which pups are yours?

Scout: We can tell by smell and by their voices.

T.Q.: That’s pretty remarkable.

Scout: It is, if I do say so myself. (Stomach growls loudly) Oh my! Got to go, more bugs to catch! (flies out window).

The Brumal Star is available in the Kindle store on Amazon.


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