The Bestiary: Niaph Sketch



In The Brumal Star, Lorica and Jamison encounter tall, stick-like, bipedal creatures called niaphs.

Niaphs reside deep in Dreya Forest, where they live in temporary family units. Although niaphs have long limbs, the average human can outrun them in terms of speed but not distance. They are aggressive and possess sharp teeth and a serrated, beak-like mouth. Their small feet are covered in hook-like hairs that give them stealth and allow them to climb trees.

They lay clutches of three or four melon-sized eggs covered in rough filaments that resemble seed-pods. Hatchlings are mobile immediately after emerging from the egg and are ready to consume an adult’s diet. The brood stays with the parents for about six months before being driven away from the nest site.

Niaphs mature quickly and are ready to mate soon after leaving the nest. The males attract potential mating partners by putting on a display that includes a variety of vocalizations such as hissing and whistle-clicks, and by bringing females nest materials such as sticks and leaves.

Niaphs are carnivorous predators and eat small animals such as squirrels, opossums, raccoons, rabbits, and sometimes fox cubs, but will readily consume human meat.

It is advised to avoid deep, thick forest where they prefer to hunt and nest.


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