Surrounded By Cats: Where I Write


Evan not actually sleeping on top of any computers or books.

Until fairly recently, my writing corner was my computer desk. It’s littered with stacks of notebooks and mugs filled with pens, Sharpies, and highlighters for when I feel like doing things the old school way.

But then I splurged on a small laptop and transferred some of my writing files onto it so I can grab it and take it anywhere.

While using the laptop makes working more convenient for me, it also makes it easier for my cat Evan the Destroyer, head of the local chapter of Cats Against Literacy (CAL) and its sub-chapter, Cats Against Writing (CAW) to make herself at home on top of it.

At least Elder cat, Rory Cupcakes, is content to hang out on the bed or the papasan chair most of the time.


Where do you work on writing? Are you surrounded by cats?



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