Symbology of The Brumal Star, Part 2: More Animal Signs

Part 1 can be found here.



Starlings are gregarious and noisy, so they’re a fitting bird to symbolize social standing and group dynamics, getting along, working together, the intellect, and mental acuity.

There’s a scene in The Brumal Star that describes a set of plates that Jamison and Taryn have that have a starling design on them. The starling encapsulates what it means to be a magic user on Ransara– working within a group that often has familial arrangements.

Blue Jay


Blue jays are known for their harsh, jeering call. They’ve developed a reputation as being screechy and quarrelsome. There are two particularly hostile jays in Felix Salten’s Bambi. One of them yells “What are you gawking at, you freak?” to the impressionable young fawn.

But traditionally, blue jays symbolize resourcefulness, clarity, curiosity, faithfulness, intelligence, communication, determination and loquaciousness.

Blue jays make a few, silent appearances in The Brumal Star.



Sloe wasps are a species I made up just for the book. They’re tiny, black stinging insects that cause havoc for Lorica and Jamison.

Surprisingly, wasps symbolize evolution, progress, and teamwork, three concepts that Lorica and Jamison must work on as they travel together.



Frogs make a brief appearance in the story at a point when they’re first starting out on their journey.

Frogs traditionally represent rebirth and renewal, healing, transitions, and transformations. In Japanese culture, they also symbolize a safe return home.

A large part of the story involves characters who make giant transformations.

Do you use animal symbolism in your writing?


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