A bit on how I write, part 1


Taken from a questionnaire on How You Write.

  • Do you write in longhand or at a computer?

I usually write using my laptop. It’s where I keep the bulk of my writing files, but I do still have some of them on my desktop. I got the laptop so I could take it with me if things ever get too noisy in my building or if I feel like going to the library and working there.

I also have a bunch of notebooks I write in. The Brumal Star‘s outline and world building was done in a series of notebooks. Sometimes I like the feeling of writing in longhand with different colored Sharpies. I also like the smell of Sharpies, which is a topic for a totally different post.

  • Do you create a detailed outline, or just start writing?

I’ve tried outlining in a few different  ways. I’ve done the traditional setup, like this:

I. main idea

a. blah blah

  1. more blah blah
  2. even more blah blah

And I’ve tried doing it the “Twelve Sentences” method, which I had varying degrees of success with.

What work best for me is to write a humongous idea dump at the beginning of my document and break it into section within chapter headings.

I tend to edit as I go along, which “they” tell you not to do, but it works for me.




2 thoughts on “A bit on how I write, part 1

  1. Nice post! I write mostly on my laptop too but I find writing on a typewriter seems to help me write more smoothly, maybe it’s because what’s written is written and I don’t get bogged down on rephrasing and editing. I still write on a laptop though because the thought of copying out a whole manuscript into Word doesn’t thrill me much whereas short stories are more manageable.

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    • Sometimes if I’m out and all I have is a small notebook, I’ll have to transfer what I’ve written into Word and it can get crazy, so I totally hear you! Getting bogged down with the rephrasing and editing is my life sometimes. It’s hard for to stop and say “quit trying to make this sentence so perfect!”

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