Hey Friends!

Updatey Updates!

The werewolf novella The Gift has taken on a life of its own and the characters are telling me what to do. Yes, this is a real thing.


I’m at the “over 19,000 word” mark on The Necromancer, the Pendant, and the Possum. 

The Gospel According to Astley is almost complete. I plan to spend the next few weeks finishing it up.  I finally hit the 20,000 word mark today.



Five Things Friday With Rampaging Peacocks!


Happy Friday! This week on 5TF, I’m sharing:

  1. Jumping spiders can see the moon!
  2. A peahen trashed a liquor store in L.A.
  3. Visoth Kakvei’s sketchbook drawings.
  4. Photographer Thibaud Poirier’s series of Europe’s gorgeous libraries.
  5. I just started reading “The Slow Regard of Silent Things” by Patrick Rothfuss. Apparently, I should have read the first two books in the series before this one. No wonder I’m a little confused!

Have an awesome weekend!

Five Things Friday With Violent Bunnies!

Happy Friday! This week on 5TF I’m sharing:


  1. Violent bunnies in medieval manuscripts.
  2. Masayoshi Matsumoto’s animal balloon sculptures.

  3. YInMn Blue will be the the first blue pigment to be used in over 200 years, and is going to be used in a Crayola crayon.
  4. ABC for Adults is not like the ones you grew up with in the 70’s.
  5. And finally, a snake puking up another, live snake is a caught-on-video horror.

Have an awesome weekend!



Five Things Friday With Sand Sculptures!🏖

Happy Friday! This week on 5TF, I’m sharing:

  1.  Japanese scientist Hirofumi Kawano created this time-lapse video that show the fascinating transformation of a Hercules Rhinoceros beetle from the larval stage to an adult, fully-grown beetle.
  2. Toshihiko Hosaka creates gorgeous sand sculptures in and around Japan.
  3. Here are 12 abandoned food trucks.
  4. Magnetic radiation photography by Seb Janiak.
  5. Nick Liefhebber’s colorful patterned collages.

Have a great weekend!

Five Things Friday With Two-Headed Sharks! 🦈

Happy Friday! This week on 5TF, I’m sharing:

  1. New Order, Smiths, and Hall and Oates songs re-imagined as Stephen King book covers!
  2. Cartoonist Phil Jones was rejected by The New Yorker, so he put up a bunch of his rejected cartoons.
  3. Two-headed sharks are popping up everywhere.
  4. Surgeons removed pens from a man’s stomach 36 years after he swallowed them.
  5. Studying the design of a 19th-century mental asylum.

Have an awesome weekend!

Five Things Friday With Flip Books! 📚

Happy Friday! This week on 5TF, I’m sharing:

  1. Plushy stone rugs by Martina Schuhmann.
  2. Sweden’s Museum of Failure will be opening on June 7 of this year.
  3. Spacecraft Cassini, which is currently exploring Saturn’s rings, heard some unexpected noise.
  4. Slimy giant shipworms!
  5. Flip Book Machines on Dioniso Punk!

Have an awesome weekend!