Five Things Friday With Two-Headed Sharks! 🦈

Happy Friday! This week on 5TF, I’m sharing:

  1. New Order, Smiths, and Hall and Oates songs re-imagined as Stephen King book covers!
  2. Cartoonist Phil Jones was rejected by The New Yorker, so he put up a bunch of his rejected cartoons.
  3. Two-headed sharks are popping up everywhere.
  4. Surgeons removed pens from a man’s stomach 36 years after he swallowed them.
  5. Studying the design of a 19th-century mental asylum.

Have an awesome weekend!


Experimenting with Canva

I’ve been playing around with Canva today, and made two new Kindle covers for my short stories. Canva is an online graphic design app that allows you to create designs for blogs, social media, book covers, and many other Web or print uses. It is pretty amazing and easy to use. They have a lot of free images, but as a disclaimer, I did pay to use the image of the tree and the gray half-circle background on the covers I made.

I guess I’ve come to realize that I like simple graphics on a color background.

What do you use for designing graphics, if you do?

Messing around with book covers


This is a collage I made for the tentative cover of a short story called “Where the Golden Plain Meets the Dark Peaks” I’ll be publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing soon. It needs to be cleaned up a bit since it’s a little blurry and there are some flecks from the scanner, and it needs to have the text added, but this is the basic idea for the story’s imagery.

The sky is tissue paper and acrylic paints. The mountains are also tissue paper with India ink, and the plain is watercolor painted paper.