Five Things Friday With Dead CDs! 💿

Happy Friday! This week on 5TF, I’m sharing:

  1. Atlas Obscura’s list of wonderfully specific museums!
  2. Michael Massaia’s haunting black and white photos of New York’s Central Park when nobody is around.
  3. This week, I learned that CDs can die.
  4. Cat Pianos, Sound-Houses, and other imaginary musical instruments.
  5. Joshua Smith’s amazingly detailed miniature urban worlds.

Have a great weekend!


Five Things Friday With Cakes That Look Like Cacti! 🌵

five things friday

Happy Friday! This week on 5TF, I’m sharing:


  1. A beaver in Canada herded 150 cattle.
  2. Cats really like squares!
  3. Paul Sellers does intricate Fibonacci spiral wood shavings.
  4. Incredibly lifelike terrarium and flower cakes by Iven Kawi.
  5. Tiny tombstones for you spooky aquarium!

Have an awesome weekend!