Ransara Bestiary: The Chirelien

The Chirelien are a species of giant bat in the world of Ransara, who first appear during the events in The Brumal Star. They were forced to flee their home at the Cave of Wrykirk when the sorcerer Broderick’s magic caused the Brumal Star to violently erupt.

They grew to the size of draft horses with serpentine, tufted tails and shaggy manes.

The Chirelien now roost in an abandoned monastery deep in Dreya Forest.

Dreya Colony Chirelien:

  • Aileron, eldest member of the colony
  • Sorrel, Aileron’s son
  • Oneh, a female elder
  • Milo
  • Varad
  • Narie, Varad’s wife
  • Jase, Varad’s brother
  • Grim
  • Danna, Grim’s wife
  • Delphine, Grim and Danna’s daughter
  • Abitha, a young female