The Brumal Star

If there was something that might have the power to fix everything wrong in your life, would you go after it, even if all you’ve heard were rumors and nobody’s ever proved it?

It’s an ancient crystal called The Brumal Star, hidden deep in a cave in the wilderness.

Ex-sorcerer Jamison Undrand and teenage delinquent Lorica Warde decide to risk danger and seek it out, if it could give them both a chance to start over.

Except a hidden enemy also wants the crystal for his own dark purposes.


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Ex-sorcerer Jamison Undrand was betrayed and exiled by his own magical council. He’s lost everything that ever meant anything to him: his wife, his magic, and his home. Now he’s trying to piece his shattered life back together while he’s holed up on a farm as a goat herder. If only there was a way to recover his powers and not be doomed to spend the rest of his days as an outcast…

Fourteen-year-old delinquent Lorica Warde has been idling her way through life since getting expelled from school for assaulting a teacher, except the old windbag had it coming. Lorica has a major chip on her shoulder. Her mother is dead and her father remarried right away like nothing happened, and now she’s stuck with her hog-beast stepmother and two bratty twin brothers.

Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse for her, she overhears her father’s plans to send her packing to a religious cult for trouble making girls. If only there was a way for Lorica to communicate with her mother and avoid a cloistered life of fasting and penance, where she’d never see her friends again…

At the heart of a cave in the wilderness is the Brumal Star, an ancient crystal that might help them fix their troubled lives. Lorica and Jamison become unlikely allies when they reluctantly travel together to find the crystal, while avoiding creatures who’d either like to eat them or sting them to death.

But soon they realize that a vengeful enemy from Jamison’s past also has high stakes in the crystal…and has a terrible secret about Jamison’s dead wife.

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